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Why Is Invisible Aligner Orthodontics Better Than Metal Braces?

Posted by Dr. Mark Mann

Feb 21, 2014 9:09:00 PM

invisible aligner

The invisible aligner has become to go-to orthodontic corrective procedure for misaligned or crooked teeth. Gone are the days of harsh metal braces and the stigma often associated with them (especially if you're an adult). These Non-intrusive clear trays are not only easy to use, but can give you a straighter, more confident smile.

Mann Dental Care, located in Houston, Texas, is a leader in the field of aligner orthodontics, and with Dr Mann's free cosmetic dentistry consultation, you're only one phone call away from beautifying your smile.

Here are six reasons why you should consider this option over metal braces:

1. A Clear Aligner? That's Right, Invisible!

One of the main complaints about metal braces is their visibility – even “clear braces” have visible components, but with an invisible clear aligner, most people won't even realize you are undergoing any type of alignment therapy!

The clear aligners are custom-fit from molds of your teeth, therefore increasing your comfort level over those of traditional metal braces. Light-weight, and with absolutely no visible components, you can wear your them to work, meetings, functions, even have your photo taken and be confident no one will know!

If you're embarrassed over having your teeth straightened because you think the only option you have available is traditional braces, then fear not. These aligners are the perfect therapy for correcting the following conditions:

  • crooked or misaligned teeth;

  • unusual spacing;

  • crowded teeth (Malocclusion);

  • under-bites and over-bites.

Depending on the level of therapy required, clear alignment therapy can improve the appearance of your teeth in six to twelve months. The time taken is also dependent on how often you wear your trays – the more the better!

2. Easy to Use

After your custom-made aligners have been made, you're pretty much ready to go! It really is as simple as slipping them over your teeth. Designed to work with your lifestyle, aligners can be removed when you eat and drink, or whenever you need, then slipped back on – no mess, no fuss!

Because they have no moveable components, the therapy works in increments. A quick check up with your dentist to ensure your teeth are moving as they should, then you switch to your next set. It's as easy as that.

3. Clear Aligners – Whiter and Brighter!

Another advantage of the aligner tray is it can be used in conjunction with teeth whitening procedures. With traditional braces, any teeth whitening must be done once the braces are removed, where with aligners, your dentist can customise a take-home teeth whitening kit for you.

Mann Dental Care uses the ZOOM! Whitening process to enhance your smile, so not only are you straightening your teeth, you're whitening them as well!

4. No Pain, All Gain!

One of the main complaints with traditional braces was the pain and discomfort associated with the therapy. Metal components aggravated your lips and cheeks, and the tightening procedures caused tension and pressure aches in your teeth and jaw.

Aligner therapy have removed all the pain from teeth straightening procedures, so those who have resisted having their teeth aligned for fear of the pain and stigma associated with metal braces, now have a painless therapy that's more aesthetically pleasing to everyone.

5. Improved Oral Health With Clear Aligner Orthodontics

Traditional braces were not only painful to endure, they made oral hygiene more difficult to maintain. Metal braces are adhered to the tooth, meaning that part of the tooth's surface isn't subject to the same degree of brushing; flossing is difficult, and you were limited to the foods you ate.

The easy removal of these clear trays means you can brush and floss with ease, ensuring your oral health is maintained throughout your aligner therapy. Just remember, the more you wear them, the sooner you'll see great results.

6. In a Nutshell: Aligner VS Metal Braces

With so many advantages over metal braces, let's break down why you should choose clear aligner therapy over traditional metal braces:

  • non-invasive cosmetic dental therapy;

  • pain-free treatment;

  • custom fitted with a sheer appearance;

  • no visible or irritating components;

  • easily removed for convenience and to maintain oral hygiene;

  • smiling with confidence!

 The positives speak for themselves – clear aligner therapy is the perfect choice for a perfect smile!

Are you happy with the appearance of your smile?  Do you smile with confidence? What is it about invisible aligner therapy that you find most appealing?

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