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Our Sugar Land Dental Hygienists

sugar land dental hygienists

Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

Our Sugar Land dental hygienists play a fundamental partnership role for the assessment, therapy and follow-up care needed to maintain your optimum oral health. These preventive dental services are necessary and must be periodically continued to maintaining your best oral health.

 Our Dental hygienists...

  • Take x-rays and collect diagnostic information
  • Apply cavity-deterring agents (fluoride or sealants)
  • Remove soft and hard bacterial deposits from a patient's teeth
  • Assess the presence of disease or oral abnormality
  • Provide oral hygiene instruction including proper home care
  • Remove stains, plaque and calculus (tartar) from teeth
  • Provide therapeutic scaling and root planing (gum disease therapy)
  • Perform follow-up evaluations and disease assessment

The state of a patient's dentition may be very healthy and show no signs of disease. Dental care other than periodic and routine dental cleanings is not necessary. Other patients may present with severe gum disease that has injured the supporting structures of the teeth or they may have dental decay that has damaged one or more of the teeth themselves. Since everyone has different risk factors to dental diseases, then every patient must be treated according to their own needs.

Our entire dental team collaborates to recognize, communicate and treat our patients for these diseases in order to minimize continuing breakdown of their oral structures. Our Sugar Land dental hygienists use dental care products specific to each patient’s needs.  We want our patients to recognize the role of their dental hygienist and have a good understanding of how to maintain their own dental health.

Christine Fordtran, RDA, RDH



Christine is a native Texan. She was born in Kingsville, Texas. Later, her parents moved the family to the Sugar Land/Missouri City area, where she graduated from William P. Clements High School in 1991.

Originally, She began her career in dentistry as a Dental Assistant with Dr. Mann in 1996. She continued her education and graduated with honors from Coastal Bend College School of Dental Hygiene in 2003. Having limited her practice to dental hygiene, she continues to maintain her license as a Registered Dental Assistant. Christine has over 17 years of experience in the dental field.

Christine regularly attends continuing education courses and is also an instructor of a number of different courses, in particular, dental assisting courses, basic life support for healthcare professionals, and many other cardiopulmonary resuscitation courses. Christine is certified by the American Heart Association MD Anderson Cancer Center, and the Greater Houston American Red Cross to instruct CPR. She has instructed over a thousand students, and has worked diligently to grow her own business.

She resides in the Quail Valley area of Missouri City with her husband and is the mother of 4 children. Christine loves to spend time with family and friends. She is a member of Holy Forty Martyrs Orthodox Christian Church in Sugar Land. Some of her favorite past times include, gardening, listening to music, photography, geology, sightseeing and reading.

Daphne Ring, RDA, RDH



Sugar Land resident, Daphne Ring, left her hometown of Austin, Texas after high school to attend college in Wharton. She graduated from Wharton County Junior College School of Dental Hygiene in 1978. After school, Daphne came to Houston to begin her hygiene career and started working with Dr. Mann’s office in 1990, who was then located in the West Houston area. She stayed with the office when it moved to Sugar Land in 1995 and has enjoyed getting to know her patients and their families over her more than 20 years of service.

Daphne lives in the original part of Sugar Land with her husband. They raised a son and daughter in the area who are now grown with their own careers and families. Their son lives in the Dallas area with his wife and two sons. Their daughter lives close-by in one of the historic homes in Sugar Land allowing them time to explore the area together. Daphne enjoys Merry Ministries, reading historical fiction, gardening and hiking.

Daphne has attended numerous continuing education courses to keep her knowledge and understanding of current dental practices up to date. Daphne loves to give of her dental skills with others, traveling to Guatemala to provide dental care and locally volunteering with San Jose Clinic in the Medical Center of Houston.

Daphne is very proud of her long service at Mann Dental Care. She says, “It’s been easy coming to work every day! Where else can you share not only your knowledge but learn as well and continue to grow as a professional and a person!”