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Dr. Mark Mann

Sugar Land Dentist Dr. Mark Mann

Sugar Land  Dentist Dr. Mark Mann says, "Dentistry has changed."  Now, it's fast, painless, and affordable.

At Mann Dental Care you'll find a highly trained, professional staff, ultra-modern equipment and a pleasant dental atmosphere.  "We take a very gentle approach that is designed to make you feel welcome, comfortable and want to share your experience with others," says Dr. Mann.


A State-of-the-Art Dental Practice


Dr. Mann’s Sugar Land office operates with modern-day dental equipment. Dr. Mann's beautiful smile dentistry, delivers to patients the white teeth and world-class smile they have dreamed about. After their cosmetic dentistry, patients are left with an enduring, natural-looking and amazing smile.

This beautiful smile dentist will help you to boost your confidence and self image without plastic surgery of any kind. To find out how cosmetic dentistry services will change your life forever, or for general or family dental care services, make the call to Dr. Mark Mann and bring your whole family!


Some of Dr. Mann's services include nitrous oxide sedation, oral sedation, dental implants, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, digital x-rays (a new kind of x-ray performed at 90% less radiation than conventional x-rays), Snap-On Smiles and invisible aligner orthodontics.


team Our Mann Dental Care Team! Dr. Mann has built a 5 star team of friendly, caring, and knowledgeable professional dental staff with big smiles and a mutual interest in caring for the dental needs of our Southwest Houston and Sugar Land area patients.

Dental Hygienists

Dr. Mann employs two superior dental hygienists. Daphne and Christine are both passionate about our patient's preventive dental care and providing their dental hygiene services. They care about their hygiene patients and bring a friendly smile to all ages.  They delight in face-to-face interactions when teaching our patients how to achieve and maintain optimum dental health

Dental Assistants

Dr. Mann always receives compliments from patients about our dental assistants. Our patients feel calmed after talking with them about their treatment. One of our patients stated that she was relieved by the high confidence that the dental assistant expressed for the dental treatment that was needed.  “Our dental assistants smile a lot.  They are 'down to earth', devoted to our mission, and they excel at building relationships with patients and making the experience that each person has when they go to the dentist both positive and gratifying”, saysDr. Mark Mann.

Business Administrators

For most people, when they go to the dentist it is somewhat taxing due to time requirementsinsurance confusionco-payment costs and the dread of post-operative fatigue and tenderness following treatment.  That's exactly where our business coordinators Elizabeth, Maria and Kim stand out professionally. They will answer your questions and concerns about you dental visit in a concise and understandable way. They can simplify your confusing dental insurance coverages and help you maximize your benefits to keep your co-payments within your budget.  All of this with a smile.