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Is the Cost of Implant Dentistry Worth It?

Posted by Dr. Mark Mann

Dec 15, 2014 4:52:00 PM

Implant Dentistry Is Worth the Cost

implant dentistry-15288415_sWondering whether you should opt for implant dentistry in order to replace your missing teeth? Worried that the benefits are few and far between and the cost of dental implants is way too high? Well, fear not. Dental implants are not only a way better option than dentures, but they also provide more value for money.

Dental Implants

They are one of the biggest advancements in the dental technology world and are one of the best solutions in case you are suffering from severe tooth loss. Dental implants are so realistic that other people won’t even realize that those aren’t your real teeth. The placement procedure involves surgically inserting the dental implant into your jawbone and cloaking it with a porcelain crown so that it will not appear different from the existing teeth.

Dental implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth. You can get a single missing tooth restored or the complete arch.

Why Opt for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are much more durable than many other forms of restorative dentistry like dentures which have to be removed and crowns or bridges which have to be cemented in order to remain stable. If you’re looking for more of a permanent fix for missing teeth, implant dentistry is the way to go! Dental implants are efficient, effective and the wearer does not have to worry about the implants decaying unlike real teeth.

If you are suffering from a severe case of tooth loss, chances are you’re hiding your natural smile because it appears unattractive. You probably have become extremely self-conscious about laughing, smiling, talking and eating. You probably also experience some difficulty with chewing.

Tooth loss or missing teeth is a major problem which affects your physical appearance and makes you look older than you actually are. Dental implants can solve all these problems and offer an added advantage because they are permanent and do not slide on the gums like in the case of dentures. With these implants, you can eat whatever you like and won’t experience discomfort because the implants will help you chew properly.

What you should know about dental implants

Implant dentistry might be a costly process but the price varies depending on the case of each patient. Are you worried that the procedure might be too painful? Fear not! Dentists make use of sedation dentistry for those patients who are scared of the process and this can ease the pain and discomfort.

Before opting for this procedure though, you must go for a checkup and check whether your gums and teeth are healthy. Find out whether it’s possible to make use of dental implants and whether your bone density is enough for the implants. While this procedure takes pretty much a whole day, ease your mind and relax. Ask your dentist to carefully explain the procedure to you and what has been done to lessen the pain and discomfort.

Are Dental Implants Worth It?

Everyone knows dental implants can be quite an expensive process, but depending on the location of the dentistry office, the type of dental implants, the different materials used, your dental insurance and finally, the experience and reputation of your dentist, the price will differ from patient to patient.

Single implants are, of course, cheaper and will be priced in the range of $900 to $3000, whereas dental implants for the whole mouth can cost anywhere from $24,000 to $96,000.

While you may find this a bit too expensive, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives and dental implants can be classified as a ‘modern miracle’ for missing teeth!  Restoring that natural smile of yours has never been easier and you should definitely avail of dental implants, but only from a reputed and well experienced implant dentistry surgeon.

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