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Invisible Aligner Therapy Orthodontics - Enhancing Your Smile

Posted by Dr. Mark Mann

Nov 1, 2013 9:46:00 PM

invisible aligner

For crooked teeth that may have bothered you through your teenage and adult years, the invisible aligner is a godsend that has the potential to not only fix your problem once-and-for-awhile, but ensure that you look good while it works. As a definite application of cosmetic dentistry, the invisible aligner is one of the few options that can accurately claim to lie in both fields of dentistry: the practical and the cosmetic – although many would argue that given the wonderful psychological effects that a beautiful smile can give the wearer and the audience, the cosmetic is practical, as well.

Most Important Reasons for Considering the Clear Aligners Option

- Misaligned teeth are not merely an eyesore; they have very real, physical effects that are best avoided. They can cause you to chew in a manner that causes the condition to worsen.

- Spaces in-between the teeth can encourage gum disease, as food gets stuck in the crevices in-between the gum-lines.

- Normal braces used to be a nightmare to remove and clean; often necessitating a visit to the dentist just to do this; the aligner can be not only be removed by the wearer in the comfort of his own home, but can be temporarily removed in order to eat and brush.

- The tailor-made specification of the invisible tray ensures a virtually perfect and exclusive fit to your teeth, which obviously enhances their effect.  In fact; they will continue to fit your teeth during the lifetime of this treatment option, because you get new ones molded periodically, in response to your improving smile.

- They are almost invisible! This is one of their most attractive benefits.  During the entire time it works its modern magic, you are getting the benefit of a cosmetic procedure without compromising the practical effect at all (indeed; they are actually enhancing the procedure compared to the braces of yesteryear). They allow you to smile and interact confidently, even as it slowly works to perfect your smile.

Comparing the New Invisible Braces to Older Metal Braces

There truly is no comparison between clear aligner therapy orthodontics and metal braces. They are the quintessential technological advancement, because they are better, more effective, and are cheaper than the previous option – not to mention far less painful – in fact, it is an altogether painless procedure. Furthermore, clear tray orthodontics promote healthy teeth, whereas the older option could make maintaining them during the treatment period difficult for all but the most dedicated hygienist, because of the difficulty of cleaning food and maintaining healthy gums with them in. For up to three years, the pain and discomfort of braces had to be dealt with, as they forced your teeth to conform to them; the clear tray, on the other hand, is replaced every couple of weeks to match the slowly-improving alignment of your teeth, so that they always fit you, while encouraging you teeth to move into their more useful, healthy position.

Ultimately, the decision to make this the year you embark on the road to your perfect smile should be made easier by the existence of the orthodontic marvel that is the invisible aligner. After all, it’s called cosmetic dentistry for a reason! Unsightly and embarrassing metal braces, especially for the younger ones more conscious of their appearance, seems to loudly proclaim that the cosmetic part only starts in two years when the braces have finished their work. Wouldn’t you like for the cosmetic effects of the invisible aligner to work in tandem with the direct orthodontic benefits?

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