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How Important is a Painless Dentist?

Posted by Dr. Mark Mann

Sep 19, 2014 2:00:00 PM

12627486_sHave you ever heard of a painless dentist? Now, don’t scoff at the idea. If you are nervous about visiting your dentist for your 6-monthly dental checkup, you should try to find out a little more about modern dentistry! Modern dentistry is relatively pain-free, but it is important you inform your dentist about your anxieties and fears. This way you and your dentist will be one the same page and your dentist can choose one method to alleviate the discomfort, if any.

Importance of Painless Dentist

Did you know thousands (if not millions) of people avoid visiting a dentist because they are scared of enduring the pain? In all probability, these are people who have had a past experience that was painful or have heard friends and family describe the pain in an exaggerated manner. However, not visiting a dentist for a dental checkup or addressing your dental concerns is worse.

You cavities, gum disease or tooth loss can go from bad to worse if you don’t visit a qualified dentist and seek appropriate treatment.

Thankfully, there are trained dentists, who can create a comfortable and secure dental experience with the help of sedation dentistry. This type of modern dentistry is ideal for patients, who are afraid of dental procedures or have time constraints.

The dentist uses sedation as a way to make the patient relaxed and comfortable, so that the dental treatment can be performed without a hitch. There are many different methods of sedation that your dentist can use. However, it is important you speak honestly and openly about your fears and your low tolerance for pain. This will allow the dentist to choose the best option and ensure you have a comfortable experience.

Once you have enjoyed the services of a painless dentist, you will never worry about visiting the dentist in future. In fact, you will gladly stick to your appointments and go for your half-yearly checkups without being pushed and prodded.

What Can You Expect?

Sedation dentistry requires expertise and proper training to ensure dentists are able to address the fear and anxiety of their patients. Typically, the dentist will use a sequence of procedures to help you during the dental treatment. These procedures are as follows:

  • No Sedation Procedure: This is the first step wherein you will be given a dental anesthetic without resorting to any form of sedation. Here the dentist may use a gel or sub-lingual anesthetic to numb the treatment area. You will be wide awake, but will not feel a thing.
  • Minimum Sedation Procedure: If you are still too anxious and stressed out for the procedure, dentist will move to the next stage of sedation dentistry which minimum sedation. Besides the dental anesthetic, the dentist will use nitrous oxide and oxygen sedation.
  • Oral Sedation Procedure: If the second step also fails to ease your stress and relax you, the last and final step of sedation dentistry is undertaken. Here, you will have dental anesthetic, nitrous oxide and oxygen sedation as well as oral sedation. This will calm you down completely and the dentist will be able to perform the dental procedure without causing you any stress or pain.

Dentists also have the option of IV sedation and general anesthesia, but usually these forms of sedation are reserved for oral surgery or in-hospital dental care when specialized dental equipment is not at the dentist’s disposal.

Usually, one of the three sedation steps is more than sufficient to handle overly anxious patients. Oral sedation is used just for patients who are extremely anxious or when the dentist has to perform a long dental procedure, such as a surgery for dental implants.

Now that you know the importance of a painless dentist and how your fears can be combated, isn’t it time for you call up a qualified, trained and licensed dentist to find out whether he uses sedation dentistry for pain control? If yes, you can easily overcome your fear for the dentist’s chair and get a dazzling smile makeover!

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