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Have Straighter Teeth By Using Invisible Aligners

Posted by Dr. Mark Mann

Dec 27, 2013 9:43:00 PM

invisible aligners

If you're an adult with crooked or misaligned teeth, it may feel like you don't have many options. Even if you're embarrassed to smile openly around people with better teeth than you, the idea of getting braces as an adult is just too unpleasant for most people to consider. The good news is, invisible aligners are a new technology that allows many people to realign their teeth with few of the problems that braces cause.

Problems That Clear Aligners Let You Avoid

Just think about all the problems people with regular braces have to face:

  • The pain of having them put on and having them rewired.
  • The continuing discomfort of having them in your mouth, cutting your lips.
  • The impact to your speech patterns.
  • The social stigma of wearing them.
  • Their ugly look on your teeth while in.
  • Having to eat a special braces-friendly diet.

In short, that's just too much hassle for most adults to deal with, even if the end result would be a beautiful smile. However, that's why Mann Dental Care is proud to offerclear aligner orthodontics, which allow adults to realign their teeth with a minimum of fuss.

How They Work

Invisible aligners use a series of custom-fitted translucent plastic trays to fit over your teeth precisely and slowly push them back into place. Rather than having a single permanent set of braces that stay on for a year (or more) at a time, each individual aligner is designed to only be used for a few weeks at most. Then, if your teeth are continuing to realign properly, your dentist will direct you to put in the next set of aligner trays, and the process continues.

They Really Are Almost Invisible

Unlike with traditional braces, most people around you really will have no idea that you're wearing Orthodontic aligners.  They're almost entirely transparent, and blend seamlessly in with your teeth. You can go to weddings, be in photos, and do almost anything, and no one around you will have any idea that you're straightening your teeth the whole time.

Remove Them At Any Time

One of the other major benefits is that aligners are not bonded to your teeth in any way, so they can be popped on or off much like a traditional retainer. There's no need to go on a special diet, because you simply take them off to eat. They can also be removed if you're in a situation, like having a close-up photo taken, where they might be noticed.

However, patients must be careful about this; after all, they only straighten your teeth while they're on your teeth. They should be kept on whenever possible and only removed when necessary. Spending too much time with them out can result in a longer wait for results.

They Can Even Whiten Your Teeth

If you want to go for a two-in-one option, some fitted aligner trays can also hold whitening agents for fighting gum disease and whitening your teeth. After all, since they're going to be stuck against your teeth all day, why not have them do all that they can? This is a great option for people looking to improve their smile as quickly as they can.

Now, invisible aligners are not for all patients, and some crooked teeth still need more traditional methods to be corrected.  For many patients, however, they're a great choice.  If you're interested, why not contact Mann Dental Care, Sugarland's finest dental clinic, to get an appointment and see for yourself?

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