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Dental Care Advice - Top 4 Tips

Posted by Dr. Mark Mann

Sep 13, 2013 9:10:00 PM

Dental health advice and tips:

dental care advice1.  Brush regularly
2.  Floss frequently
3.  Schedule regular dental check ups
4.  Maintain fresh breath

Tip #1:  Brush Regularly

The first  tip is how to choose both a toothbrush and tooth paste that ultimately gives a dazzling smile and a fresh tasting mouth. This is half of the dental cosmetic trick.  The more important reason for brushing is for the healthy choice of good dental hygiene.

In general when choosing a toothbrush, these are the most important factors to consider:
1.  Bristle hardness
2.  Bristle density
3.  Shape of the head
4.  Length and size of the handle

All of these factors play a role in how the toothbrush performs.  The brush needs to be stiff or hard enough to do the job of cleaning the tooth, but not too hard as to damage the gum area.  The density of the bristles and the length should be varied on each head to reach as much of the tooth as possible while brushing and cleaning.  The shape of the head will also aid in the cleaning process by fitting into the mouth properly to reach the hard to brush areas.  The length and size of the handle will be important to enable the brusher to hold and maintain a good angle of the brush against the tooth.

Under these recommendations, toothpaste should contain fluoride enabling the tooth structure to be more resistant to decay and promotes remineralization of the tooth.  This process aids in repairing early tooth decay even before the damage can be seen. Also there are additional special ingredients in toothpaste that help to clean and polish the teeth, helps to remove plaque and stains over a length of time.  One very important key ingredient found in a good toothpaste is fluoride because it works effectively to fight plaque and cavities.

Tip #2:  Floss Frequently

The second recommended tip and 'sister' to brushing isflossing the teeth for a complete and thorough cleaning.  Dental floss usually consists of a nylon filament that slides between the teeth to remove the stuck food particles and built up tooth placque.  Dental floss comes flavored or unflavored, waxed or unwaxed and is personal choice for whatever is effective.

Tip #3:  Schedule Regular Dental Check ups

Keeping a regiment of regular dental check ups is third on our list of dental care advice tips. Standard recommendation is to visit the dentist twice per year for check ups and dental cleanings. This works well for most, although some with gum disease, genetically subject to plaque build-up and cavities, or those with a weak immune system should visit the dentist more frequently for optimal dental care.

Certain life events, specifically those causing illness or stress, sometimes cause a development of an infection or other changes in the mouth.  This issue might require frequent and necessary visits to the dentist. On the other extreme, those who have taken great care of their teeth and gums, may choose to extend the time between dental check ups. 

Tip #4:  Maintain Fresh Breath

The last dental care advice tip, bad breath, or halitosis, often occurs when oral health is not attended to or ignored. Mouth odor is caused usually by decaying food particles and bacteria left in the mouth. There are millions of buds on the tongue that trap tiny decaying food particles and bacteria, Regular clean the tongue using a toothbrush, a spoon edge, or a specially designed tongue cleaner.

These highly recommended tips are ways to not only increase the health of your mouth, but increases one's overall health as well. What additional dental care advice could you recommend to help advance and keep your teeth healthy and your mouth fresh?

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