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9 Tips to Have Healthy Teeth for Life

Posted by Dr. Mark Mann

Apr 25, 2014 2:00:00 PM

Senior woman flossing healthy teeth for lifeYour smile is your treasure. Imagine, if your teeth were riddled with cavities? Wouldn’t that be awful? Decayed teeth mean you will not be able to chew food properly and this could lead to malnutrition and digestive problems. You also will suffer from image issues and have bad breath. Good news is you can have healthy teeth that sparkle each time you smile.

9 simple tips to help you keep your teeth healthy.

1. Do Not Think Twice About Using Fluoride

Fluoride is a must for teeth health. It makes your enamel stronger, so that it is not prone to decay. If you drink fluoridated water, it is good. However, if your water is not fluoridated, consult your dentist about fluoride application. Today, you can get many toothpastes and mouth rinses with added fluoride. Use them to your advantage. However, refrain from too much fluoride, as it can lead to white spots on the teeth or fluorosis in the worst case scenario.

2. Brush and Floss Daily

You should be looking to brush your teeth twice a day, morning and night, and flossing it once a day. Regular brushing and flossing gets rid of food particles stuck between teeth and plaque. Also, make it a point to change your toothbrush every 3 months. If you do not know how to use dental floss, ask your dentist to demonstrate the right usage.

4. Rinse Your Mouth After Eating

Each time you eat something, make it a point to rinse your mouth. This will flush out the food particles and prevent bacteria from attacking your teeth and gums. Use antibacterial mouthwash for this purpose. If you do not have one, chew sugar-free gum. It will stimulate production of saliva that will flush away the food particles and bacteria from your mouth.

5. Protect Your Teeth

While it is necessary to be physically active, playing recreational games and sports expose your teeth to blows and hits. Protect your teeth with a mouth guard if you are into sports that could cause damage to your teeth.

6. Give Up Smoking

Tobacco use can stain your teeth and cause them to turn an ugly yellow color. In addition, smoking can increase your risk of oral cancer and gum disease. Why take a chance? The best way is to quit smoking and have sparkling white teeth that you can flash around.

7. Eat Healthy

At any stage of your life, it is important to consume a healthy diet. This will ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy. It is best to eat a balanced and nutritious diet comprising of whole grains, fresh fruits, fresh veggies, nuts and dairy products.

8. Say No Thank You to Sugary Foods

Sugary foods and drinks are your teeth’s biggest enemies. They increase the acid levels in your mouth, allowing bacteria a free reign on your teeth. Also, sugary foods and drinks create an environment that is conducive to harmful oral bacteria, so the damage is even more.

9. Your Dentist is Your Best Friend

If you have no teeth issues, you can visit your dentist for a complete dental checkup every 6 months. During this checkup, the dentist will remove the buildup of plaque that does not come off while brushing and flossing. Also, this is the time when your teeth will be checked for signs of decay and other dental problems.

If you speak to any dentist, you will be told that good teeth can be maintained with good oral care and hygiene. If you floss, brush and use mouthwash every day, you will be able to maintain healthy teeth. Besides that, make sure you eat healthy and visit your dentist regularly for routine checkups. These are the best ways to have healthy, white and strong teeth throughout your life.

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