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7 Amazing Benefits of Modern Dentistry.

Posted by Dr. Mark Mann

Aug 13, 2014 2:00:00 PM

18456810_sModern dentistry has helped to remove the fear and anxiety many patients harbor about dentists and dental treatments. In fact, thanks to all the advances, dentistry has come a long way. No longer do patients have to settle for crude and painful procedures. These advances have helped patients have better experiences when visiting their dentists. Furthermore, the technologies now available allow dentists to accurately pinpoint the problem and use a range of dental arsenal to rectify the problem.

Here are some benefits of modern-day dental technologies.

High Quality Materials

Gone are those days of crude fillings and other dental materials. Today, dentists have the option of using the finest materials to treat patients and as a result, they often exceed patients’ expectations. The materials can help teeth look like natural teeth and as a result, not only do patients have the advantage of enjoy completely functional teeth that look and feel like natural teeth, they also can benefit from a smile makeover.

Dental Imaging Tools

One of the biggest advances of modern dentistry is undoubtedly dental imaging tools. Dentists can take images of the inside of the mouth without causing any discomfort to the patient. Furthermore, modern imaging machines are much safer to older X-ray devices. They do not emit as much radiation as these old machines and hence, prevent patients from harmful radiation.

Dental Lasers

Previously when patients used to go to a dentist to clean their gums, they had to be prepared emotionally and mentally for the pain. This is no longer the case. Dental lasers have made this procedure gentle and pain-free and no longer have to worry or get stressed out if dentists recommend this procedure.

Air Abrasion Tools

Remember, how uncomfortable and painful those teeth drilling sessions at your dentist used to be? Well, you no longer have to worry about the pain or vibrations, as dentists use air abrasion tools that make the drilling procedure more comfortable, relaxing and accurate.

Sedation Dentistry

There are still patients, who are extremely anxious about visiting dentists. Such patients no longer have a reason to avoid their six-monthly checkups, as dentists today use sedation dentistry. Patients are sedated, so that they sleep through the entire procedure and do not feel any discomfort or pain.

Computerized Machines

Computerized machines in dental clinics have become the norm nowadays. Dentists use these machines to mold dental crowns and the fact that the molding can be done in-house often reduces the number of times or hours that the patient spends in the clinic. However, the biggest advantage of this technology is the ability to accurately mold the crown and ensure it is a perfect fit for the patient. Before this technology came into the scene, dentists used to depend on their judgment and measurements. As a result, there was room for error.

How Modern Dentistry Can Help You

Today, thanks to all the advances, tools and technologies, you can discuss your dental care and treatment with your dentist and chart out a treatment plan that suits your needs and pocket. Furthermore, when it comes to smile makeover, you can easily let your dentist know your expectations and he will work with his dental technician to come up with crowns and implants that are made from the finest materials.

Several complicated dental procedures can be performed efficiently, quickly and safely to give desired results. Modern dentistry has made the patient-dentist relationship stronger by encouraging more interaction between the two. So, if you are looking for great results, besides checking the dentist’s experience and expertise, you also should make it a point to find out whether the dentist uses the latest technologies, equipment and tools.

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