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6 Ways that Aligners For Teeth Can Improve Your Life

Posted by Dr. Mark Mann

Nov 12, 2013 9:54:00 PM

aligners for teethAligners for teeth gradually move teeth into proper alignment so that a person with crooked teeth can have straight teeth over time. There are different types of clear dental aligners on the market, including the popular Invisalign brand. Clear aligner treatment are seen as an alternative to traditional metal braces in that they are less obvious, and may be removed easily.  

The first major benefit of a clear orthodontic aligner is the improvement to a person’s smile. While this is entirely cosmetic, the ability to smile can be of great importance when it comes to the quality of an individual’s life.

  • First, this affects confidence in that a person with straight teeth may be less self conscious smiling.
  • The ability to smile confidently may also affect how the person is perceived by others, so that having good teeth may have an impact on their social life.
  • How good a person looks may greatly affect how people see them in their professional life as well, especially when it is related to something correctable like crooked teeth. It may be unfortunate, but many jobs are offered not on competence alone, but on how good a person looks, especially if that person is going to be on the front line of a business dealing with clients or customers face to face. 

Aligners for Teeth are Far Less Obvious than Metal Braces

When compared to metal braces, which must often be worn for years at a time, clear aligner trays are relatively discreet. Metal braces are extremely visible, and for the period of time wherein they must be worn, they may make the wearer more self-conscious than crooked teeth would. This is especially problematic for a child who may feel inhibited and shy among other children. Aligner trays, however, are made of clear plastic that fit over the teeth making the therefore are almost invisible and providing short-term benefits as well as long term ones.

When it Comes to Comfort, They Beat Braces

Aligner trays are easier to wear when compared to metal braces. Metal braces are often uncomfortable, even painful, and can often cause abrasions and cuts on the inside of a person’s mouth. In many cases it takes time to get used to braces, and there is always the possibility that the wearer may never fully adjust to them. The smooth plastic of the aligner is guaranteed to not cause irritation to the gums or the inside of the cheeks.

Aligner Trays are Molded For a Perfect Fit

They are custom made, they are molded for an individual’s mouth with a unique mold taken from that person’s teeth. They fit perfectly and thus are both more comfortable and work more efficiently than the alternatives.

Aligners for Teeth can Help to Reduce Tooth Decay

Oral hygiene is vastly improved over metal braces simply because clear aligner trays can be removed. The ability to remove them means that brushing teeth is far more effective than with braces, which will not allow some parts of the tooth to be cleaned. Dental braces can often result in tooth decay as a result of inadequate cleaning because they present an obstruction during brushing. 

They are Effective at Straightening Teeth

Aligner treatment may be used to correct all the problems that metal braces do, including overbites, crowded teeth, and misaligned bites. They may also do this in a shorter time frame, according to several studies.

If you are considering improving your smile with aligner orthodontics, what are the ways in which you think it will improve your life?

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