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6 Top Reasons Why Cleaning Teeth is a Must

Posted by Dr. Mark Mann

Apr 28, 2014 1:45:00 PM

cleaning_teethWhat you eat has an effect on the color of your teeth. If you are the kind of person, who loves his red wine and black tea, you can be sure your teeth will not be white and sparkling. Even tobacco smoking, gravies, dark-colored juices and colas stain teeth. A rule to remember is if what you put into your mouth is dark in color, you will be left with not-so-pearly-whites! That is why cleaning teeth is a must and not just any cleaning – it should be professionally cleaned.


Most people who care about oral health and hygiene brush their teeth twice a day and floss once a day. While this is great and should be done, professional cleaning of teeth can reach those hard-to-reach corners and get rid of stains and accumulated plaque. You will notice a significant difference after the cleaning your dentist performs. If you are still skeptical about why you need your dentist to clean your teeth, here are 7 good reasons.


Prevent Gum Disease

Periodontal or gum disease is caused due to plaque. When that sticky and colorless film coats your teeth, it creates an ideal environment for bacteria to proliferate. These bacteria manufacture toxins that cause gum irritation, leading to inflammation and gingivitis. If the bacteria are not removed, gingivitis, which is an early stage of gum disease, progresses to an advanced stage. Also, when plaque accumulates, it hardens to form tartar on your teeth, causing further discoloration along the gum line.


Retaining Your Natural Healthy Teeth

When the gum disease progresses, your gums recede, allowing bacteria access to the jawbone and tooth roots. The bone around the roots gets destroyed, causing your teeth to loosen. When teeth get loose, they fall off. According to dental health experts, gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults and that is why visiting your dentist for regular checkups and getting your teeth cleaned is important.


Sparkling Smile

While we know certain foods and lifestyle habits can stain our teeth, most of us refuse to change. Even certain medications can stain and discolor your teeth. Regular brushing of the teeth cannot get rid of these stains, but a dentist can. Besides ensuring you get a bright and radiant smile, professional teeth cleaning encourages good oral health by removing plaque and tartar. When your dentist polishes and cleans your teeth, you have a brighter and whiter smile.


Preventing Bad Breath

Bad breath is medically known as halitosis. It is caused due to poor oral hygiene, gum disease, food particles stuck between your teeth, throat infection, coating on the surface of your tongue and oral cancer. Many of these problems can be avoided with good oral hygiene and when that happens, bad breath also will disappear. If you go for regular teeth cleaning sessions, you will be ensuring good oral hygiene.


Preventing Oral Cancer

In the United States, one person dies every hour due to oral cancer, according to The Oral Cancer Foundation. If you go for regular teeth cleaning, your dentist also will conduct an oral checkup and be able to check for oral cancer. If the cancer is detected early, with proper treatment prognosis is extremely positive.


Detecting Dental Problems Early

During the teeth cleaning session, your dentist will be able to spot cavities, gum disease and broken fillings and take remedial measures. As a result, any dental problem is caught early, saving you a lot of pain and trouble in the future. Remember, cavities, gum disease and broken fillings require remedies, such as surgery, root canal and tooth extraction if left untreated.  


So, if you are still wondering whether to make an appointment with your dentist for cleaning teeth, this should convince you and have you reaching for the phone! Don’t you think this is the right thing to do if you want a beautiful smile and good oral health?




Did you know your teeth also require professional cleaning? Visiting your dentist for cleaning teeth on a regular basis has many benefits


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