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5 Ways Beautiful Smile Dentistry Can Decorate Your Image

Posted by Dr. Mark Mann

Oct 29, 2013 9:44:00 PM

beautiful smile dentistry

Beautiful smile dentistry can sometimes seem out of reach, but fear not! It could be easier than you think to achieve that perfect smile you’ve always wanted.

Do you find yourself looking at other people’s teeth and feeling ashamed of your own? Feel awkward smiling with your mouth open? Wonder what people are thinking of you at dinner parties, and feel the need to check yourself in the bathroom mirror to make sure nothing green got stuck in there? It can get better.

Often, amazing smiles can seem destined to remain within domain of Hollywood movie stars, but the truth is, whether you’re unhappy with the straightness of your teeth, unsightly chips or simply discoloring, you shouldn’t have to suffer in silence.

It’s no great secret – with a little help from the experts, your smile could be revitalised in less time than it takes to visit the cinema or buy groceries!

Have your teeth been bothering you for a while? Could it be affecting your confidence? Maybe you’ve got a big event coming up that you’d like to look your best for. Whatever your reason, here are five ways beautiful smile dentistry could help you.

Chipped Teeth Repair

It can happen to all of us – an accident, or biting down on something hard can cause unsightly, embarrassing chips in your teeth. The good news is, whether you want to improve your smile, the way you eat your food, or to protect from tooth decay, chipped teeth are relatively easy to fix!


If you’re worried about discoloration of your teeth, don’t worry! Teeth whitening is one of the easiest procedures in dentistry, and within a couple of hours, you could have the brightest, whitest smile of your life! Teeth can get discolored for a number of reasons; tea or coffee drinking, aging, eating the wrong foods, damage from antibiotics… the list goes on. But there’s no need to worry, as teeth whitening comes in several methods; from whitening toothpaste, to laser teeth whitening, you’ll find something to boost your confidence and whiten that smile.


Clear Aligners

Do you have uneven teeth, or a smile that’s not quite straight? Sometimes it’s the little things that can affect your confidence the most. If you want to perfect your smile without the painful and unsightly experience of braces, invisible clear aligners could be for you! Most of the time, no-one will even notice you’re wearing them (hence why they’re called ‘invisible’), they’re easy to insert or remove on your own, and also hygienic and easy to clean! Clear aligners are suitable for most patients, and are widely available, so why not start your journey to straighter teeth today?


If you long for straighter, whiter, better-shaped teeth, veneers could be the way to go. Great for when your teeth are worn or chipped, discoloured, or have gaps, spaces or darkening due to fillings, veneers can make a world of difference to your smile.


There are a number of difference reasons why you might consider crowns. Perhaps you want to protect a tooth that has already been weakened by decay, repair of a worn down or broken-down tooth, to strengthen teeth, or to cover an implant that doesn’t quite look right. Crowns cover a tooth by capping it, usually glued or bonded over your existing, natural tooth.


So, we’ve looked at some of the options available to you, but why not explore the rest of the site for a more in-depth look. After all, what’s stopping you from achieving beautiful smile dentistry?

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