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4 Reasons Invisible Orthodontics Will Give You Straighter Teeth

Posted by Dr. Mark Mann

Aug 30, 2013 9:00:00 PM

invisible orthodontics

Today, invisible orthodontics have become commonplace across the United States. This treatment can seamlessly and painlessly straighten teeth. However, when something offers an easy recourse to a long-standing problem, it is often viewed suspiciously. This is the reason why many people still have doubts about this orthodontics. They wonder whether the treatment is as effective as it is made out to be. Actually, it is.

If you are a skeptic, here are some of the top reasons why you should be choosing this dental procedure to help straighten your teeth.

1. Practically Painless

When it comes to teeth straightening, most people conjure up images of metal braces that are not only uncomfortable, but also a nuisance. Typically, braces are placed on your teeth and they come with wires that poke the soft tissues in your mouth. This can result in bleeding. The worst part about braces is you will have to be mentally prepared to wear them for years before you see significant results. On the other hand, you do not have to worry about pain and discomfort with invisible aligners. They come in a form of a plastic tray that you can remove at your convenience. Furthermore, the trays are replaced every three weeks, so you know your teeth are constantly getting straight without having to commit several years for the procedure.

2. Invisible Orthodontics is Customizable

Most people automatically assume these invisible aligners will not fit into their mouth and if this happens, their teeth will not straighten and they will be spending money needlessly. On the contrary, the orthodontics is customizable. When you visit the dentist for teeth straightening, a mold is taken of your teeth and mouth. This ensures the aligners are made to fit seamlessly in your mouth and especially made to suit your individual needs.

3. Easy and Convenient to Use

With braces, the discomfort is one of the biggest fears. However, the possibility of complications arising due to braces is quite high. Imagine if you have to undergo a surgery to rectify the complications? The cost will be sufficient to empty out your bank account. The best part about invisible orthodontics is that they are easy to use and even easier to clean. They are customized to fit your mouth and all you have to do is slide the device into your mouth and then slide it out when you want to remove it. Furthermore, the trays are extremely easy to clean, making them low-maintenance dental device. The fact that you can remove the orthodontics means you can easily maintain oral health and cleanliness without worrying about complications.

4. Comfortable and Functional

People, who have had braces, will tell how things such as chewing food or talking can become a problem with braces. This is the reason why braces are often the last line of treatment for correcting crooked teeth. With invisible aligners, you can be assured of comfort and since they are almost invisible, you will notice you them on. You can go about your daily chores or work without worries. It is this functionality that makes this orthodontics a great choice for people looking to straighten crooked teeth.    

If you have crooked teeth and they are causing you to stop smiling or mingling with family and friends, it is time to consult your dentist about invisible orthodontics. You will be able to see the results in a few weeks’ time and thanks to these invisible aligners, you will have a beautiful smile that will never be a cause for embarrassment. With such a great treatment available at your local Sugar Land, Texas dentist, why would you want to opt for something as uncomfortable as braces?

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