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Understanding the Factors that Influence the Cost of Dental Implants

Posted by Dr. Mark Mann

Nov 7, 2014 2:00:00 PM

If you have lost a tooth due to gum disease, trauma or severe tooth decay, you will definitely be curious about the cost of dental implants. These implants could be just what you need to give your smile and teeth a makeover. The cost of implants will vary from one dentist to another and even from one geographical location to the other. 

26570910_s_cost-of-denta-implantsHere are a few factors that have an impact on the cost.Factors Affecting Cost of Dental Implants
  • Brand of the dental implant
  • Material of the implant
  • Type of post, abutment and crown
  • Cost of the surgery
  • Number of implants
  • Whether you require any other dental procedure, such as bone grafting and/or sinus elevation
  • The popularity of the dental surgeon
  • The geographical location of the dental practice
  • Creation of prosthodontics

Remember when you are opting for dental implants, the dentist will give you the total cost, which will include the cost of the procedure, implant, abutment and crown. In addition, you may have to pay an additional sum for modeling, anesthesia and scans.

What is the Average Cost?

There is no doubt tooth implants are more expensive than other traditional alternatives, such as dentures and bridges. It can be frightening when you first get to know the cost of dental implants. However, you should look at the bigger picture.

You will finally be able to chew properly, talk clearly and smile without feeling self-conscious. Getting dental implants will elevate your mood and also make you appear younger, as the caved in appearance of your face will disappear.

On an average, the cost of a single tooth dental implant can vary from $1,000 to $3,000 if you don’t require any additional procedure. But if you do require bone grafting or extraction, the cost of the implant will shoot up significantly.

Usually, it is best to consult a qualified dentist, who will be able to inform you the cost of getting dental implants after evaluating your teeth and dental history.

What About Insurance?

If your dentist informs you that you are a good candidate for dental implants, check with your insurance provider whether your insurance plan covers dental implants. If your dental insurance covers the procedure, find out to what extent. You will have to incur some out-of-pocket expense, as no plan will cover the entire amount of the dental implant procedure. Typically, insurance companies cover just 10 percent of the overall cost of the implants and in some instances this percentage could be less. Most insurance providers view dental implants as a cosmetic procedure, but you should be able to get coverage for the surgery through your health insurance, depending on the cause of your tooth loss. However, it is best to check with your insurance provider before anything else.

Financing Options

If your dental insurance doesn’t cover the cost, don’t be upset. Speak to your dentist about financing options. Most dentists offer a wide range of financing options to their patients and your dentist should not be any different.

There is no doubt dental implants cost more than other solutions for missing teeth. However, before you decide to write off these implants because of the cost factor, remember these implants are a lifelong replacement for missing teeth. If you take proper care of the implants and maintain optimal oral hygiene, you never have to replace them. Furthermore, dental implants look natural and are extremely comfortable. Since they are surgically implanted into the jawbone, dental implants are the closest solution to natural teeth.

So, weigh the pros and cons of getting these implants rather than focusing on the cost of dental implants. Your money will be wisely spent, as you will be investing in oral and overall health.

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