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Seven Common Misconceptions About Beautiful Dentures

Posted by Dr. Mark Mann

Sep 18, 2015 1:30:00 PM

Seven Common Misconceptions About Beautiful Dentures

beautiful dentures 33675566_sIn dentistry, recreating teeth is a form of art. Dentists nowadays can create beautiful dentures that fit the mouth perfectly and appear completely natural in the mouth. Dentures are used by so many people today, yet there are certain myths and misconceptions about them. Thankfully, you don’t have to let the misconceptions stop you from getting stunning and dazzling dentures that restore your smile and ability to chew and speak.  

Here are the 7 most common misconception people have about beautiful dentures that prevents them from making an informed choice, even when they have access to modern dentistry

1. All Dentures are the Same

All dentures are not the same! This means you shouldn’t settle for low priced dentures. A dentist or denturist will conduct a thorough oral exam, consider your medical history and take measurements of your mouth and gums to create personalized dentures. Customized dentures will reduce any kind of discomfort while wearing them because they will meet all your requirements. These dentures are unlike cheap uniform dentures that are prone to breaking and are extremely uncomfortable to wear. 

2. Dentures Fall Out While Talking or Chewing

Personalized dentures will fit the contours of the gums, allowing them to sit in place without ever shifting or falling out. These modern-day dentures don’t even need any adhesives to keep them where they are. With time, however the gums will start to shrink, making the dentures loose. So if you’ve had your dentures a long time, they will get loose when placed over the gums.

3. Dentures Means the End of Dentist Visits

Just like natural teeth, dentures also need special care. You need an expert to deal with it all. So don’t say goodbye to your dentist just yet. Look for telltale signs that say you’re in need of a dentist right of way. Like denture discoloration, calcium deposits and stain, loose dentures and for the fact that these dentures have resulted in soreness and tissue changes.

4. Dentures are Ugly and Unsightly

The dentures developed these days are exquisite pieces of dental technology. They do not squeak or click, shift around in the mouth, possess unpleasant smells or stains. They are not called beautiful dentures for nothing! By following your dental specialist’s orders, you can maintain a pair of teeth that look very natural and enhance your appearance. No one will be able to figure out whether or not you have false teeth on, making them perfect for everyday use.

5. Dentures Will Affect Your Speech Adversely 

The beauty about dentures is the fact that they can be easily snapped into place and snapped out of the mouth. Yet they still have all the necessary properties that allow you to take the perfect bite out of things. Once you get used to wearing your dentures, you won’t feel hampered while talking to people. You can set up an appointment to ask your dentist about dentures for you. He will determine the size and fit based on your mouth. Accordingly, you will have dentures that fit without a hassle.

6. Dentures Last Forever

Dentures are not indestructible. Like eyeglasses, you need you check if your dentures are working for you. The conditions of the mouth are constantly changing and so your dentures need to change as well. If you change your dentures every 5-7 years, you can maintain your perfect smile, while preventing intraoral deterioration. It will also double up as a visit to the dentist so that he can check the health of your mouth and gums.

7. Denture Repairs take Days

Never try to fix your own dentures, even if you are a good handyman around the house. You could worsen the damage, making the dentures unfixable. As a result, you will need to purchase a brand new pair of dentures. If you are facing problems with your dentures, go to your dentist to get the problem fixed. Don’t worry about having blank spaces in your smile because your dentures will be returned within a matter of hours.

Beautiful dentures can be custom made to meet almost every person’s requirements. The myths and misconceptions that surround this revolutionary invention in dental science are not true. And if you need to know for sure, don’t hesitate to ask your dentist.

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