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Is the Dental Bridge Cost Justified?

Posted by Dr. Mark Mann

May 6, 2015 2:00:00 PM

15915092_sThe key factor that influences dental bridge cost is the type of dental bridge you opt for. It depends on your budget and what your dentist feels is the right bridge to fit into your budget and your needs.

The different types of bridges include conventional bridges made from porcelain, ceramic or metal; cantilever bridges used to replace a single tooth; and Maryland bridge or resin bridge featuring a plastic tooth and metal frame.

A dental bridge can be referred as a time-tested and cost effective treatment for missing teeth, involving very low risks. It is one of the most sought-after solutions to bridge the gap created by tooth loss.

When Do You Need a Dental Bridge?

Practically, anybody with one to three consecutive missing teeth is considered a good candidate for dental bridges. For those with more number of missing teeth, it is better to opt for dental implants or removable or fixed partial dentures.

The surrounding teeth act as the foundation for your dental bridge. It is, therefore, very important for these supporting teeth to be free from infections and any sort of decay. If any type of gum infection exists, it should be treated before fixing the bridge.

How Much Do Dental Bridges Cost?

Generally, a dental bridge cost might range anywhere from $600 to $1500 per artificial tooth. The cost of dental bridges is, however, influenced by numerous factors, such as:

  • Material used: This is the primary factor to influence the cost of dental bridges. For instance, the use of advanced materials like e-max Zirconia or porcelain will have higher cost than other bridges. It is worth investing in these materials, as they make the dental bridge durable and give it a natural appearance.  
  • Process of fabrication: Generally, bridges are designed in dental labs. However, some dentists might provide the facility of same day crowns crafted in their clinics. This would affect the overall cost of the bridge, causing the cost to rise.   
  • Dentist’s experience: It is a well-known fact that an experienced and renowned dentist would charge more than what is charged by less experienced one. Also, a dentist working with an experienced implant specialist or ceramist will charge a handsome amount for the services provided.
  • Complexity involved in placement: This includes the intensity of tooth preparation before the dental bridge is fixed. More advanced or lengthy procedures might cost more.
  • Additional treatments involved: Many times, the supporting teeth may require treatment for infections or any other problem. This can affect the cost of your dental bridge directly. Sometimes, you may also need treatment for gum infection. These additional treatments can impact the cost of your dental bridge.  

In addition to these factors, the location of the dentist also influences the dental bridge cost. If you are residing in an urban area, you might pay more for dental treatments compared to a smaller town or rural area. Similar to other things, the cost of dental treatments varies from city to city and country to country.

Benefits of a Dental Bridge

The most important benefits of dental bridges include:

  • Maintaining the shape of face
  • Proper distribution of forces with tooth replacement
  • Smile restoration
  • Restore the ability to speak clearly and chew properly
  • Retain the position of remaining teeth and prevent them from drifting

Getting dental bridges can restore your smile. To further maintain the life of this restored smile, it is very important to maintain proper oral hygiene. This will also maintain your oral health and not just your bridge.

Make sure you go for regular dental checkups after getting the bridge. This can increase the life of your dental bridge. With the benefits you get from a dental bridge, you shouldn’t think twice about the dental bridge cost.

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