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How To Have A Perfect Smile - 6 Things To Know

Posted by Dr. Mark Mann

Nov 5, 2013 9:49:00 PM

how to have a perfect smileBefore you can have it, you must learn the steps on how to have a perfect smile. Every dentist will tell you that it is better to properly care for your teeth now rather than rely on expensive dental work later. That means caring for your teeth on a regular basis in several ways. There are six things to keep in mind when caring for your teeth.

Learning to brush is learning how to have a great smile. 

Brushing is the number one rule of a great smile. If you don’t brush, your teeth will slowly become discolored, gums will become unhealthy, cavities will form and your mouth will generally decay. Brush twice a day to avoid these problems and for other benefits as well, such as reducing your risk of gum disease. Brushing is your first line of defense for your teeth.

Floss is as important as brushing.

Floss one to two times per day. Flossing removes the bacteria that brushing cannot reach and mouthwash is not strong enough to rinse away. Floss is the only tool capable of reaching the bacteria between teeth, which is responsible for harming gums. When people go long periods of time without flossing, their gums bleed when they floss which is the telltale sign that there is enormous buildup, which is ultimately damages your teeth.

Scraping your tongue is essential.

Scrape your tongue. Your lovely tongue can become quite gross over time. Usually a while layer develops over the tongue (especially in the back), which is bacteria. This buildup is the main source of bad breath. Scrape your tongue as often as necessary to prevent bad breath and to clean away the buildup of bacteria.

Use the right toothbrush and toothpaste.

Use the right toothbrush and toothpaste. Some people have sensitive gums and therefore need soft bristles and others need tough bristles. If you are unsure, ask your dentist which toothbrush is right for you. Be sure to change your toothbrush every three months as bristles wear out. For toothpaste, dentists recommend using fluoride, because it protects enamel therefore dramatically reducing cavities. Also, use tartar control to prevent bacteria buildup.

Your dentist can tell you how to have the perfect smile.

Visit your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings two times per year. Dentists are capable of cleaning your mouth deeply. They can also tell you which areas of your mouth are having problems and if you are developing cavities. Your dentist is a trusted guide to oral health, so be sure to ask questions and take his advice, because they can tell you how to have a perfect smile.

Healthy foods keep your mouth healthy

Lastly, eat healthy foods. Avoid sugary foods that lead to cavities. Choose more fruits and vegetables. Don’t eat too many acidic fruits though, because they can erode your enamel, which can’t be brought back. Overall, foods that are healthy for you such as raw vegetables, fruits and lean meats are healthy for your teeth, and learning how to have a perfect smile.  A beautiful smile brightens every face.

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