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How Much Is Sedation Dentistry-Here's Everything You Need To Know

Posted by Dr. Mark Mann

Sep 16, 2015 1:30:00 PM

How Much Is Sedation Dentistry - Here's Everything You Need To Know

sedation dentistry 20499708_sAlmost all of us are afraid of dentists and this is why most of the times we prefer avoiding the dentist and bearing the pain rather than actually going for treatment. So for those people who avoid dentists to their own detriment, sedation dentistry may help take their anxieties away.  To understand why we say this, you need to know more about sedation dentistry and how much is sedation dentistry

What does Sedation Dentistry Entail?

Sedation dentistry, sometimes called “sleep dentistry”, makes use of medication that can help people relax during their dental procedure.  However, in most cases the patients are awake except when under general anesthesia. There are various levels of sedation that a person may be under like:

  • •    Minimal Sedation – a state where you are awake but yet relaxed and oblivious of pain
  • •    Moderate Sedation – here you are in a drowsy state. You may slur your words while speaking and not remember much of what happened. 
  • •    Deep Sedation – This is where you are on the edge of consciousness, but can still be awakened. 
  • •    GeneralAnesthesia - This is where you are completely unconscious and don’t feel a thing. 

Sedation is often used when the dental procedure involves an extensive amount of time. It is also ideal for patients who exhibit dental phobias, or have difficulty controlling their movements.

Cost of Sedation Dentistry

When it comes to the cost of sedation dentistry or how much is sedation dentistry, this can vary, depending largely on the dentist you go to. Your geographical location and your insurance coverage will also have a role to play. However, the costs are so vast that they can range from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand, depending on the type of sedation used. Light to moderate sedation will always cost much less as compared to I.V. Sedation and General Anesthesia

  • •    Light Sedation – The most common sedation is light sedation done with nitrous oxide gas or oral sedatives. Both of these are inexpensive and the cost is typically between $225 and roughly over $300. Remember the actual dental treatment is not included in this rate. Some dentists may even offer oral sedatives for free as a complimentary service to their patients. 
  • •    I.V. Sedation and General Anesthesia – I.V sedation is used less often in dentistry, while a dentist will opt for general anesthesia is mostly used during dental surgeries. These forms of sedation, which are given by a dental anesthesiologist are billed on an hourly basis and thus vary depending on the procedure that you need. The average cost for intravenous sedation is about $500but can even go upto $800. While general anesthesia is about $700 on an average and can go over $1000 for lengthy and complex procedures. 

Typically, dental sedation is not covered by insurance and the cost of dental procedures is usually separate from the sedation charges. 

Sedation Dentistry Financing for best Treatment

Apart from the traditional forms of payment like cash or credit cards, many dentists that offer sedation dentistry to their patients who have begun to accept other financing options as well. They now accept financing plans from nationally recognized companies and even certain local companies. 

So before you begin to worry about how much it costs enquire about the financing options available at that practice. In this way, you can come to know about the payment plans available and they will also help you apply for financing to prevent you from going through those hassles yourself. 

Sedation dentistry is quite safe in itself. Now never worry about getting a dental procedure. Find out from your dental specialist how much is sedation dentistry and get a painless dental treatment.

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