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Go to the Dentist and Keep a Healthy Smile

Posted by Dr. Mark Mann

Jul 16, 2013 9:54:00 AM

go to the dentistGo to the dentist regularly and do not prevent the hustle and bustle of your modern-day schedule from letting you take care of yourself to prevent more serious dental problems from occurring. Even the most diligent and good practices of oral hygiene, from brushing and flossing, to over-the-counter teeth-whitening products, cannot come close to what a professional can do for the long-term health of your teeth. Even twice-daily brushing, flossing and restricting the amount of sweets you eat cannot guarantee gum health; see the dentist in order to catch early signs of tooth decay, as well as more serious problems that you simply cannot see happening, but which a dentist is trained and equipped to catch and reverse.

Go For Routine Checkups

Many of us think that we only need to make an appointment once our tooth begins to ache; however, by the time this happens, we are already inadvisably late. This is precisely the reason why you dentists are so often associated with pain! Regular checkups with the dentist actually serve to prevent the king of things that can lead to toothache and gum disease; from chipped teeth, crowded teeth and gingivitis that has progressed to periodontitis, which is an advanced stage of gum disease that can have a host of domino effects on your overall health – including stroke and heart attack. You simply don’t have the resources or knowledge, for example, to perform a dental x-ray on your own teeth to catch invisible signs of early decay, which can hint at not just gum disease, but calamities as serious as mouth cancer. If you visit the dentist regularly, not only will you thankfully have the best possible care in detecting and avoiding these risks, but the pain associated with dental visitation will become a thing of the past.

Go to Look Better, Feel Better, and Be Better

Cosmetic dentistry is beautiful because the health of your teeth is an inextricable part of getting a more confident smile. For example, porcelain crowns and bridges may help you bring out that radiant smile you’ve been hiding, but they also correct any bite-and-chewing problems you might have been having with your crooked or missing teeth. You can also go for the similar problem of crowded teeth (which can promote cavities because the misalignment allows food particles to get stuck more easily in-between your gums), using invisible aligners to straighten your teeth, all the while not having to worry about the look and feel of metal braces.

Top 3 Reasons to Visit The Dental Office

There are few other professions in which looking good is so intimately tied to actually being good; all of the procedures a dentist can perform have cosmetic appeal. Just consider these common problems that occur when you don’t comply, and the solutions a dentist can provide:

  1. Tooth decay. A dentist can spot this and correct either the early or late stages with a myriad of procedures; one of them is a tooth crown procedure, which strengthens the tooth while making it look good again. 
  2. Gum disease. Catch this condition in the early stages before it leads to periodontitis, which can then lead to, heart attack, or stroke. 
  3. Damaged or missing teeth. These can make it easier to get dental infections and gum disease; so talk to the dentist about crowns or bridges to restore your smile and health.

While it is true that only about 50% of the adult population will ever go to see a dentist, don’t be on the wrong side of this statistic.  Do you take care of your other medical needs?  Get your appointment right now and keep your teeth healthy, attractive and capable of chewing!

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