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Five Reasons Why People Like Dental Implants Dentures

Posted by Dr. Mark Mann

Dec 2, 2015 2:00:00 PM

Five Reasons Why People Like Dental Implants Dentures

dental implants dentures all-on-4-upper-jawLosing your teeth can cause multiple problems for your appearance and your ability to eat. Dentures have helped replace multiple missing teeth in the top and bottom jaws over the decades. But many people don’t wear their dentures because they keep moving around and prevent them from eating normally. With the emergence of dental implants dentures, you can keep your dentures in place. You won’t have to worry about your dentures slipping and sliding in or out of your mouth.

Here are five reasons why you should speak to your dentist today about implant supported dentures.

1. A less expensive solution

Dental implants are extremely expensive to replace a great deal of missing teeth. At the same time, people who have aged are not always suitable candidates for traditional dental implants because of the loss of bone density in their jaws and the age related health issues that may cause the body to reject the implant. But with dental implants dentures you don’t have to worry about spending as much and wondering if your implants are going to work. What this revolutionary dental implant support for dentures does is it secures the dentures over the gums preventing them from moving. They remain locked in place for a long time, unlike conventional dentures held in place by adhesive.

2. They feel natural

Implant supported dentures look and feel natural unlike regular dentures. You can keep them on throughout the day without feeling self-conscious. If you want, you can choose to wear them indefinitely. They are strong and firmly placed in the mouth. Implant supported teeth are the closest most people at an advancing age can get to restoring their natural teeth. These implants supports make sure your dentures function like natural teeth and you look and feel confident in public while talking and eating.

3. Increased comfort in the mouth

Dental implants dentures are much more comfortable in comparison to traditional dentures. The most important factor that leads to increased comfort is the fact that the dentures remain securely in place. They do not slip or move about in the mouth. In addition to this, patients also experience greater comfort from implant supported dentures because there is no need to use adhesive and less pain and irritation in the gums. The limited amount of plastic improves the comfort of your dentures and provides a more natural appearance as well.

4. Better appearance

In comparison to regular dentures implant supported dentures have a better appearance because of the limited plastic used to keep them in place. In the long run the implant supported dentures prevent the jaw from shrinking and the face from sinking in. This way they help maintain the structure of the face and its existing appearance. Conventional dentures do nothing to prevent bone loss in the jaw and the collapsing of the facial structure. You actually will look older with conventional dentures.

5. Enhance your speech

With your dentures perfectly in place you should be able to speak perfectly. Pronunciations should be easy. While speaking, you will not have the problem of your dentures coming loose and hampering your speech. Wearing traditional dentures does not allow you to speak as freely for the fear of your dentures falling out or shifting. It can be an embarrassing experience. Thankfully, you will not have to face this situation with implant supported dentures.

Dental implants dentures do not only have aesthetic benefits, they also provide medical benefits like reduced bone loss and better hygiene. And if taken care of, they can last a really long time. In addition, they also help people eat, speak and smile more confidently after the loss of their teeth. To know if this method of restoring your smile is the best option for you, make an appointment with the Mann Dental Care today.






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