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ClearCorrect Invisible Teeth Aligners

Posted by Dr. Mark Mann

Dec 13, 2013 9:33:00 PM

Invisible teeth aligners are one of the champions of cosmetic dentistry, reminding the frustrated patient that a smile is beautifu thing. Your teeth are the one major facial expression that you can’t afford to hide in your every-day social interactions, and the range of emotions they can convey shouldn’t be lost to anyone who’s self-conscious of smiling because of reasons that dentistry can now readily fix. Invisible clear aligners can coax your jagged teeth back into a uniform and attractive line, without the cumbersome and often uncomfortable feel and look of metallic braces, allowing you a range of abilities that those dental amendments of yesteryear couldn’t.invisible teeth aligners

A Few of the Advantages Invisible clear Aligners Have over Braces

You probably knew someone with braces growing up, and remember the sheer visibility of the steel anchors. Unless you had them yourself, you wouldn’t have known of the difficulties that accompanied everyday actions with them on; clear aligner orthodontics eliminate these:

  • No more pain! The invisible trays are made specifically for you, and so they don’t have to force your teeth roughly, because they already fit – unlike braces. As your improving teeth alignment outpaces them, youraligner trays are simply replaced with new ones that fit the new arrangement.
  • Clear aligners are easy to clean. In fact, your invisible aligners can be outright removed before you eat, brush, or any other activity where it’s convenient to simply remove them and put them back in later. Such a thing is of course impossible with metallic braces, without the intervention of your dentist.
  • They cosmetic effects are apparent almost immediately. Because they are almost perfectly clear, you don’t have to hide the ever-increasing beauty of your smile as they work their magic, giving you the confidence to take the figurative stage in social interactions.


3 Simple Steps to Getting Your Clear Aligner Orthodontics Underway


  1. With all the available benefits, the only thing left to do is familiarize yourself with what will be expected of you, as well as what you can expect when you go in to see your dentist.  Your dentist will thoroughly evaluate your teeth and make simple impressions, to be sent to the lab so that your custom virtual computer models can be made. ClearCorrect is truly a comprehensive process, because it will eventually field a perfect three-dimensional rendition of your teeth, to make sure that your invisible teeth aligners will fit exactly right. 
  2. High-technology will come into play, as your dentist takes all the data and starts molding and building your personal set of invisible teeth aligners, with the kind of precision only a guided computer can do.
  3. After you receive and start wearing your trays, you can rest assured that you’re in the home-stretch. Your dentist will advise you of the frequency with which you should wear them; generally only taking them off for meals, tooth care, and drinks. There will be set dates for you to come in for progress checks, even as you enjoy the benefits, with none of the social discomfiture – they’re invisible!

Modern technical advances in cosmetic – as well as general, of course – dentistry has made options available to you that were absent to your grandparents. More than ever before, the social aspects of your busy life are front-and-center; why not give invisible teeth aligners the chance to allow you to put your best foot (and smile) forward?

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