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ClearCorrect Clear Aligner Orthodontics

Posted by Dr. Mark Mann

Nov 22, 2013 9:21:00 PM

clear aligner therapy orthodontics

Clear aligners can give you a smile that's sheer perfection. The near-invisible orthodontic aligner therapy could be the ideal solution to improving teeth symmetry, and with ClearCorrect Aligner Orthodontics, you will smile all the way through your treatment.

Do you not put your best smile forward because your teeth are misaligned or crooked? Are you resigned to the appearance of your smile because you don't want braces fitted? Aligner therapy is designed to fix misaligned or crooked teeth (Malocclusion) without the stigma adults sometimes associate with metal braces.

Here are four reasons invisible aligner treatment is preferred:

1. Aesthetically Pleasing

Most people put off treatment for teeth misalignment because they feel metal braces on an adult looks odd. But with aligner orthodontics you can banish your tight-lipped smile for good. The light-weight plastic aligners slip over your teeth and as they are virtually invisible, most people won't even know you're wearing them! These clear teeth trays have no visible components, so you will be smiling a perfectly clear smile all the way through your clear orthodontics treatment phase.


Your ClearCorrect aligners also allow you to whiten your teeth during your treatment, so not only will your teeth be straighter, they'll be whiter and brighter, too!

2. Easy and Convenience

Mann Dental Care understands life is busy. The ease and convenience of wearing invisible aligners can be the perfect fit for your lifestyle. The ClearCorrect aligner trays are fitted from impressions of your teeth and the occasional dentist visit to check the progress of your treatment will not impact your lifestyle as fitted metal braces would. 

As your aligner trays are easily removable, you can slip them in and out of your mouth when eating and drinking, and as your treatment progresses all you need to do is slip the next set of your aligner trays over your teeth and they'll continue to guide your teeth into the correct position. It doesn't get much simpler than that!


Here are just some of the many advantages to aligner orthodontics:

  • customized for a perfect fit;
  • easily removed;
  • virtually invisible treatment;
  • fewer dentist visits.

3. Equals Better Hygiene

Aligners promote better hygiene than standard metal braces. As your invisible aligners are easily removed for eating, you won't suffer the embarrassment of having food caught in your 'braces', and there are no dietary restrictions!

You have greater access to the surface area of your teeth when brushing, and you can continue to floss all through your treatment, maintaining the oral health of your teeth and gums with ease.

 Your ClearCorrect aligners don't require regimented cleaning, but as they are easily removable, this can be done simply and quickly.


4. Virtually Painless

Aligner therapy is a virtually painless process to straighten and align your teeth. There are no annoying metal components scratching at your lips and cheeks, and no painful tension-pressure on your gums. A simple mold of your teeth is all it takes to start your clear aligner therapy, and you change your customized aligners as your therapy progresses.

Clear aligners are perfect for:

  • teeth straightening;
  • crowded teeth;
  • overbites and underbites;
  • gapped teeth.

In just 12 months, you can enjoy an eye-catching perfect smile!


When you look in the mirror are you happy with the appearance of your teeth? What advantages do you think there are to clear aligner orthodontics?

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