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Beautiful Smile Dentistry To Enhance Your Image

Posted by Dr. Mark Mann

Aug 17, 2013 9:53:00 AM

beautiful smile dentistryBeautiful smile dentistry is not simply cosmetic; the range of problems that can affect the appearance of your teeth, also affect your health. It is virtually impossible not to tackle one problem, without also tackling the other. The missing or crooked teeth that affect your eating habits – and for many people, even the types of food they can eat and enjoy – can be solved both practically and cosmetically dental cosmetics. In fact, for anyone who can appreciate the effects of a dazzling smile on not just the people you meet, but your own sense of confidence, the cosmetic change that fixing chipped teeth brings is a practical benefit.

Beautiful Smile Dentistry Techniques


  • If you’ve had misaligned teeth for quite some time, and are wary of the look of metallic braces for a number of reasons, never fear: with the advancements in cosmetic denta care, the option of clear aligner therapy orthodontics is a thoroughly effective replacement to the old “brace-face” look. Not only are clear aligners invisible, so you get the effects during the duration of the treatment, they are also comfortable. You can remove them to brush your teeth and to eat meals, which promotes continuing teeth-health. No more stories of broccoli stuck between metal braces! 
  • If you’ve despaired over a solution to a decayed or decaying tooth, modern dental esthetics is the obvious solution to that problem. It will not only stop if from getting worse; but, with the options of porcelain crowns or bridges, repair or replace the teeth altogether. As an inevitable by-product of repair, your teeth will be whiter as well as healthier. No longer will you need to worry about biting with a chipped or decayed tooth, worsening the damage not just to that tooth, but to others, as well. The same techniques can rectify teeth that have been discolored in any way. 
  • For a tooth that you might otherwise think is beyond all hope of repair, a dental cap or a tooth crown may be the answer. This one is actually a comprehensive suite of dental investigation tools, using an x-ray to take a look at the tooth for signs of deep problems, before placing the crown on, which will strengthen and beautify the tooth. With all these options, wouldn’t you like to see which beautiful smile dentistry solution is for you?

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