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Sugar Land Dentist Dr. Mark Mann | Mann Dental Care

Posted by Dr. Mark Mann

Jul 27, 2013 9:11:00 AM

dentist in sugar land

If you are having doubts about the health of your teeth or if the thought of flashing your smile your smile in public makes you panic, Dr. Mann of Mann Dental Care in Sugar Land TX is precisely the dentist who you need to see. Even if you are unaware of what can be done to help you get that beautiful smile or healthy mouth you’ve always wanted – or used to have – a free consultation with Dr. Mann can answer all of your questions happily with a single visit, and map out a treatment plan that fits your budget and gets you feeling confident again.

A Dentist in Sugar Land With Several Techniques for Getting You A Beautiful Smile 

  • None of us enjoys the prospect of walking around with broken, chipped, or missing teeth. With Mann Dental Care; you don’t have to! Not only are you much more self-conscious of your image, but chances are your eating habits suffer, as well, because you can’t chew as effectively. During your free consultation with Sugar Land dentist Dr. Mann, you can find out all about porcelain crowns and bridges, which are wonderful solutions to these problems.


  • Do you have a row of teeth that hasn’t grown in correctly, or individual teeth that are out of alignment with the rest of your smile? At Mann Dental Care, we have a technique that’s the best of both worlds: clear aligners. These function as braces, but without the unsightly metal wires. In fact; they function better than braces do; being easy to remove, clean and eat, and are virtually invisible when they’re in your mouth, being tailor-made to fit only you.


  • Lastly of the popular and common dental procedures is the tooth crown. No cavity or compromised tooth is too far gone for rectification or repair by dentist; and the replacement is truly indistinguishable from your tooth. 

Pain, discomfort and worry need never be a concern again; your dentist has a host of the most current dental techniques to make sure these are not factors; from local anesthesia to numb the area, to nitrous oxide, and the new phenomena of sedation dentistry. Getting your teeth healthy and obtaining a beautiful smile never again need to be dreaded desires; your Sugar Land dentist and staff are committed to making sure your dental worries are a thing of the past – why not give us a call to set up a sugar land dental consultation?


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