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5 Reasons Why Laser Teeth Whitening is Better Than Home Whiteners

Posted by Dr. Mark Mann

Apr 23, 2013 9:28:00 AM

Is Laser Teeth Whitening Better Than Home Teeth Whitening?teeth whitening

When performing teeth whitening at home, you must squeeze a gel substance into your molded teeth form, and cover them for a while. Some people report disliking the sensations, tastes and look of the process. It can feel messy in your mouth and clumsy when the form is in place. Many people try home whitening and still wish for brighter, whiter results. If you are one of these people, keep reading for a solution.


Home Teeth Whitening Products Sometimes Leave Teeth Feeling Tender

This is likely due to the bleaching or whitening ingredients in the whitening solution. Some people may have allergic or adverse reactions, although this is rare. Teeth Whitening at home is safe, yet laser teeth whitening is the most effective and time conserving. Have brilliantly white teeth after a short office visit.

Home Teeth Whitening Requires Time Spent Wearing Clumsy Teeth Coverings

Home Whitening utilizes clear plastic forms designed to be filled with whitening gel and pressed over your teeth and left for several hours. This means either sleeping with it on, or doing it when you will not need to be speaking or eating. This kind of interruption to your life is unnecessary when doing fast, effective laser whitening.

Home Teeth Whitening is not as Effective as Laser Whitening

Everyone has different teeth. Some people have varying reasons for staining, and graying can be due to tooth injury as well. Laser whitening is the most potent approach to quickly enjoying your bright new smile. Everyone will be happy you did. When our teeth are gleaming and bright, we have more confidence, smile more easily and feel happier in general.

Laser Teeth Whitening is Fast and Extremely Effective

Making use of the newest technology is a smart thing to do. Speeding up and intensifying how white we can get our teeth is a move toward efficiency and effectiveness. Everyone deserves the joy of being proud of their smile, and have a sparkly willingness and reason to flash that gift to everyone.

If you are a Texan who lives near Sugarland and you have just read the five reasons above, you are ready to make your teeth whitening appointment now, so just call our office today at Dr. Mark Mann's Dental Office today at: (281) 494-9400
Do you have a whitening question? 

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