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5 Reasons Why Clear Aligners For Teeth Are a Great Option

Posted by Dr. Mark Mann

Oct 1, 2013 9:20:00 PM

aligners for teethWe all remember how terrible orthodontics were for children, whether they were full braces or plastic retainers. Braces are ugly and painful, and sometimes even require headgear, and those plastic retainers make it hard to talk and were easy to break. Most adults with crooked teeth just accept them because, well, who wants to walk around with braces as an adult? However, the truth is, there have been many advances in orthodontic treatment since those days, and if you have crooked teeth, there's no reason to put up with them any longer. Introducing clear aligners for teeth!

Dr. Mark Mann and his team at Mann Dental Care are proud to offer the latest revolution in orthodontics – the ClearCorrect Invisible Teeth Aligners.  Here're a few reasons why you should consider them:

Virtually Invisible

ClearCorrect aligners for teeth are small, clear plastic trays, like a thinner version of a football or boxing mouthpiece, that simply slips onto your teeth. When you have them in, unless someone is looking closely, they won't even know you're wearing them. There's none of the uncomfortable stigma of wearing braces as an adult.

Easily Removable

One of the greatest things about ClearCorrect is that it can be slipped in and out of your mouth at will. There are no dietary limitations like with braces, because you simply take it out while eating and drinking. Just make sure to promptly put it in again, or else it might delay the return of your smile.

Totally Painless

Honestly, aside from how they look, the biggest fear most people have about braces is that they hurt. They hurt to put on, they cut at your mouth, and your teeth constantly ache from having them. However, with these clear orthodontic trays, that's no longer the case. They are far more gentle on your teeth.

 Entirely Custom-Fit

When Dr. Mann has your ClearCorrect teeth alignment system made, they are custom-molded to exactly fit your teeth. And, since you change out sets of them every couple weeks, it doesn't matter as much if you accidentally lose one. You just contact Dr. Mann and a new one can be made quickly.

Can Also Whiten Your Smile

Here's something that old-style braces can't do – whiten your smile!  Because ClearCorrect teeth aligners are fitted like a dental tray, they can be used exactly like one, delivering peroxide treatment to your teeth at the same time you're having them straightened. That's a two-for-one deal on giving you the smile you've always wanted.

Clear Tray Orthodontics Can Give You a Great Smile In Less Than a Year

On top of all the other benefits, most people finish with their teeth alignment within six months to a year.  Because each new mouthpiece is custom-made to move your teeth just a little at a time, the system allows for very precise realignment.

Basically, if you're walking around with a crooked smile, there's no reason to keep it any longer. Don't let it sap your self-confidence or make you afraid to let out the joy in your heart. Contact Dr. Mann for a consultation to discover if ClearCorrect will work for you. Why put up with a crooked smile when invisible aligners for teeth can take it away forever?


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