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4 Reasons For a Full Mouth Reconstruction At Your Sugar Land Dentist

Posted by Dr. Mark Mann

May 4, 2013 9:44:00 AM

full mouth reconstruction

We hear a lot these days about dental procedures that will improve our smiles and self confidence, and maybe less often about procedures such as a complete dental reconstruction.  Many of these procedures are considered cosmetic dentistry and are basically an elective option for those with a desire for a brighter, prettier smile. 

Perhaps your dental professional has suggested that you are a candidate for rebuilding your dental functions.  A full mouth rebuild is a complete remake of your dentition and therefore a necessary process to enable you  to use your teeth and jaw more effectively.

Dental Reconstruction Options

When a dentition is severely eroded, There are not many options remaining to provide you with a stable jaw and teeth.  Your gums need to be examined for sufficient bone and to rule out any gum disease. Your remaining teeth need to be evaluated for their health, stability and lifespan.  Your jaw will need to be evaluated for potential muscle or bone issues that might interfere with your bite and normal chewing motions.

Reasons for Full Mouth Restoration

There are generally four main reasons to undergo this dental treatment.  The reasons most include:

  1. Pain associated with chewing, jaw muscles, facial pain, and headaches
  2. Teeth that have become severely worn due to grinding, acid reflux, or the effects of various beverages or foods
  3. Teeth that have been broken or otherwise injured
  4. Teeth that have been lost or removed due to an accident or excessive tooth decay

The Benefits of Rebuilding Your Dentition

The goal or pupose is to providing you with a stable, healthy and functional bite, the ability to chew and eat food properly, and to reduce or totally eliminate any pain associated with an improper bite.  When your jaw muscles are not in harmony with your teeth are not fitting together as they should, significant pain may ensue and necessitate a rebuilding in order to restore your mouth to good health.

When your teeth become worn due to excessive grinding, which shortens the length of the teeth (impeding their proper alignment) and removes the biting and grinding surfaces you need to eat your food well, a full mouth reconstruction can restore your mouth to a much better condition.

Should you have lost numerous teeth to decay, accident, injury, or have been removed for other reasons, you will soon find that this loss of teeth will result in pain in your jaw due to the change in the way your mouth fits together.  Again, a full mouth reconstruction will totally change this situation, and you will have teeth that will fit together well, allow you to eat normal foods, and smile to your heart's content.

Dr. Mark Mann a Sugar Land Dentist provides dental rehabilitation services and can discuss your needs in depth

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